Born in Luino, on Lago Maggiore's banks in 1970.
Since childhood she shows a strong curiosity and an inexplicable tension towards art: the colours' fascination, the unpredictability of light, the experimental contact with brushes, canvas, colours and materials.
During her adolescence this curiosity for art evolved from a rising game of sperimentation into an ever more exciting turmoil that will bring her closer to an informal painting of matter, more mature, reflective and experimental, that will lead her to catch up, also with photography, in a new passion for design and fashion, as well as other unpredictable creative starting points. From simple moments, apparently childish and lucid, it will soon become true art: a kind of art which never compromised with rules and standards.
Ever self-taught she will dedicate herself, besides her artistic belief, to human, social and pedagogical studies.
A curious spirit, polyhedric and life-loving, ever growing evolution and sense searching.
She offers an intuitive web-site, with only pictures, essential and brave.
She wishes to comunicate her message only with images of her works, without help of subsidiary or further information, since she thinks every form of art can communicate an intense emotion in an indipendent way.
There is only one great purpose: to reach, to get to the heart of the beholder.


All work © Sabina Adelaide Casazza 2011